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By John Bunyan

There is nothing good in life that is not mixed with some sort of evil, for example wealth brings discontent, human honour often brings confusion and pleasures can ruin one’s health.  However, in heaven we will find pure blessings, without any ingredient that will bring bitterness and everything will be sweet.

Oh, who is able to imagine the inexpressible, inconceivable joys that are there.  Only those who have tasted a little of them.  Lord, help us to put great value upon them, so that we will prepare ourselves for heaven and will be able to endure the loss of foolish pleasures here.

The heavens will echo with joy, when the Bride, the Lamb’s wife, shall come to dwell with her Husband forever.

Christ is the desire of all nations, the joy of angels and the delight of the Father.  What comfort our souls will be filled with when we are full of Him for all eternity.

Oh, what shouts of joy there will be, when all the children of God meet together, without fear of being disturbed by anything anti-Christian and God-hating.

There is a time coming when the Godly shall ask the wicked, what profit they have in their pleasure?  What comfort is there in their greatness?  And what fruit is there in all their work?

We must get our satisfaction from the vision of heaven, live holy lives and then go to see it one day.  Heaven and salvation is promised to the Godly just like Hell is threatened to, and shall be enforced upon, the wicked.

Oh, who knows the power of God’s wrath?  Only those in Hell.  Sinners are tormented in the curse of everlasting fire.  Hell would be a kind of paradise, if it were no worse than the worst place on earth.

As different as grief is from joy, as torment is from rest, as terror is from peace, so too is the state of sinners different from that of believers in the world to come.

From ‘The Commemorative Edition of the Works of John Bunyan’.