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Of the Love of Jesus above all things.

By Thomas a Kempis.


Blessed is the one that understands what it is to love JESUS.

The love of created things is deceitful; the love of JESUS is faithful and constant.

The one that embraces JESUS shall stand firm for ever.

Love Him and keep Him for your friend, Who, when all go away, will not forsake you nor suffer you to perish in the end.

Keep close to JESUS in life and death; commit yourself to His faithfulness, and when all fails, He alone can help you.

If you seek JESUS in all things, you will surely find JESUS.

When JESUS is present all is well and nothing seems difficult, but when JESUS is not present everything is hard.


From: ‘The Imitation of Christ.’


*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *


The Editor’s Letter.


My Dear Friends,


I greet you, in Jesus name, from my desk at home, overlooking a snowy English landscape. It is mid January as I prepare the March 2013 edition of ‘The Overcomer’ magazine.

I am sometimes asked for details about the Trust, the office and staff. The office is one of the rooms in our home and I work there with the support of the board of Trustees.  

The theme for this edition of the magazine is ‘Live - the life of Jesus.’ How important it is to live out the life of Jesus in this needy world.

God is so very good and has blessed and enabled the work of the Trust to go forward. From a ‘worldly’ point of view we are not a worth while business. We don’t make a profit - in financial terms - but God blesses the work and, from the letters I receive, has blessed many of our readers through the magazine. I would like to thank those who have written letters of encouragement. 

So as we go forward into another year, looking with expectancy for the day of His return, may we go forward in “the strength of the Lord” for He has promised, “I will never forsake you”.


Yours in the Saviour’s wonderful Name,


Michael Metcalfe.


*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *