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By George Bowen.

God has always blessed quality rather than quantity in the promotion of His kingdom. He seeks not the many but a person. Never has He been impressed or depressed by numbers, equipment and ability. Never has He been impressed or depressed by personality, prestige or popularity. Much of what we would call wisdom is sheer foolishness with God. Some jobs may depend on what you know, but the work of God depends upon Whom you know. You must know God.

As far as God is concerned there are no big people in His work, for He puts down one and sets up another. He inspects rather than respects our person. Humanity must be reduced to practically nothing before it can be fit to do much for Heaven. When a person feels he or she has nothing, is worth nothing and can do nothing, aside from divine assistance, they are eligible for membership in the ranks of God’s mighty minority.

It matters little what you have so long as you have God, it matters little where you have been so long as you have been to Calvary, it matters little whom you know so long as you know God. It matters little what you possess as long as you are possessed of the Holy Spirit.

God has been known to use a stick in the hand of Moses and a stone in the sling of David. He used vermin to move Pharaoh, an ass to move Baalam and a fish to move Jonah. His equipment is inexhaustible and His methods of work innumerable. All He needs is a yielded instrument.

Those who have succeeded in surrendering completely to God have sometimes been known throughout the world. Too many are waiting for God to move, when they ought to be prevailing upon Him. He stood in honour of His faithful martyr Stephen, and no doubt would stand more often if we gave Him occasion to do so.

It is not a matter of whether or not we have numbers but do we have God? Someone has said, “If God is for us, what difference does it make who is against us?” Anyone plus God is a sufficiency. Some of history’s greatest conflicts have been decided by a minority in the hands of Divinity.

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Dear Friends,

In these days of turmoil and doubt it is good to be reminded that God is on the throne and that He is working out His purposes in and through the lives of those who have given themselves wholeheartedly to Him. This may well be through the Way of the Cross. But when we are in His hands we can walk in the confidence that our heavenly Father knows and that Jesus understands and feels for us, as He has already walked this way.

May you know the joy of the Lord and His presence with you as you go forward into this year with Him.

God keep and bless you mightily,

Michael Metcalfe.

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