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STUDY 2  God sent forth His Son (Galatians 4 v4).


Bible passages to be read: Philippians 2 v1-16, Genesis 22 v1-19., Galatians 4 v1-7, John 3 v16.


There is a wonderful incident recorded in Genesis 22 v1-19. God has given Abraham a son, Isaac, to whom and to his seed He has promised very special blessings. Suddenly God asked for Isaac to be given back to Him. As we read we see the father and son, who so understood each other, toiling up the mountain-side together. We see Isaac’s willing obedience, as he allows himself to be bound to the altar. We see Abraham, unquestionable love for his son in his heart, yet holding the sacrificial knife in his hand. At that moment God speaks again, and directs that a ram shall be slain instead of Isaac. In the New Testament we read how the Son of God was obedient even to the death of the Cross, and no hand was lifted to save Him.


Philippians 2 v6-8 reveal the downward steps by which the Saviour descended to the Cross for our salvation.

1. How many such steps can you trace in these verses?


Philippians 2 v9-11 again stress the message given by Peter in Acts 2 v36, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

2. Can you gauge from these verses the importance of this fact, a) to you and me in our personal lives now; and b) to the world in a future day?


In the light of these facts, Philippians 2 v12-16 give an idea of what a Christian should be like. 

3. Make a list of those things which God would have you to do and be from these verses, and confirm this list from other Scriptures.


Galatians 4 v1-7 explain the purpose of God in sending His Son into the world. In v 1-3 we are shown that God’s plan is that we should be His heirs; but that before our conversion we were ‘in bondage under the elements of the world’. 

4. Look up 1 John 2 v15-17, Romans 12 v1-2, James 4 v1-4 and Galatians 6v12-15, and see if you understand what it means to be in bondage to the world. In v4 and 5 the phrase occurs, ‘under the law’. 


5. Look up Romans 2 v13-15 and 3 v19-20, also Galatians 3 v10-13; and in the light of these passages make up your mind as to the meaning of this phrase. v5-7 speak of the Christian as a son, or child of God. 


6. Can you trace other passages in the New Testament, which make the same statement; and can you say how we become children of God? v6 tells of the coming of the Holy Spirit into the heart of the Christian. 


7. Look up such passages as Ephesians 1 v13-14, Galatians 3 v13-14, Romans 8 v1-17, John 3 v5-8 and 16 v7-15 and say how, why, and when the Holy Spirit of God enters and takes possession of human hearts. 


Now read John 3 v16 and l John 4 v9. Here are verses not to be discussed, but to be wondered at. They are good verses to memorise, and to ponder until we catch a glimpse of His power and of His great love. 


‘Love of God, so pure and changeless; Blood of Christ, so rich and free; Grace of God, so strong and boundless; Magnify them all in me.’