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STUDY 4 “The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus” (Acts 4 v33).


Bible passages to be read: Acts 2, Acts 4, Romans 1 v1 4, Ephesians 2 v1-10.


The fact that the Lord Jesus had risen from the dead, and is alive for evermore, was at the heart of all the preaching of the early Church. In his sermon on the day of Pentecost, Peter refers to this fact on at least six different occasions; and all that he has to say was built around it. When you turn to Acts 4, note particularly the statements made in verses 2, 10, and 33.


1. Sum up briefly in your own words the burden of Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost.


2. Pick out those parts of this sermon, which are quotations from the Old Testament; and using the marginal references in your Bible find where these quotations are taken from.


3. In Acts 2 v37-47 we are told the results, which followed this sermon. Make a list of the various happenings, and say how far you think that we see the same things working out in our Church life today.


4. To what do you attribute these results, and why?


5. Turning now to Acts 4. To what do you attribute the bitter opposition of the Jewish rulers to the Gospel?


6. Note down your impressions of the prayer quoted in verses 23-30.


7. Make a list of the results of this Prayer Meeting. Do you think that the same kind of results should follow the modern Prayer Meeting? If so, why?


Romans 1 1-4 gives the main content of what Paul terms “the Gospel of God”; compare these verses with his statement of the Gospel he preached as recorded in 1 Corinthians 15 v1-8.

8. What would you say to the suggestion that the Cross and the Resurrection are, so to speak, the two sides of one coin?


Ephesians 2 v1-10 deals fully with the part played by the Saviour’s resurrection in the individual Christian life in three dimensions, past, present, and future (the immediate future).

9. Can you trace these out, and form a picture of what a Christian is in the light of them?