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STUDY 10 The Holy Spirit(Luke 11 v13).


Bible passages to be read: Ephesians 1 v13-14, Romans 8 v1-17, Galatians 3 v1-14, 1Corinthians 2 v2, 2Timothy 1 v7, 1Corinthians 12 v3, Ephesians 5 v18.


It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this study. One writer has said that the gift of the Holy Spirit to indwell the believer constitutes the great difference between the Christian Gospel and every other form of religion. This is true. Because of the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross, and because He rose again from the dead, and lives for evermore as our representative on the throne of God, the Holy Spirit comes to indwell the spirit of every child of God. No study of His Person and work is possible without knowing what the Lord Jesus Himself had to say about Him.  For this reason we strongly suggest some extra reading for this study in John’s Gospel, chapters 14 v15-26, 15 v26-27, and 16 v7-15.


Now turn to Ephesians 1 v13-14. These verses tell us plainly why and when the Holy Spirit enters into possession of the life of a believer.

1. What do you estimate to be the importance of these verses in Christian teaching and experience?


Romans 8 v1-17 very strongly underlines the fact that from beginning to end the Christian life is an operation of the Holy Spirit.

2. Make a careful list of those miracles that can and will be worked in the life of a believer by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Is there any evidence here that it is impossible to be a Christian except by means of His indwelling?


Galatians 3 v11-14 first of all points out the fatal mistake of making a beginning by counting on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, and then drifting back into dependence upon ourselves and our own efforts. Then it goes on to show the place of the Cross of Christ in relation to this amazing gift God grants to us; and the purpose God has in view through it.

3. Comment in your own words on these last points.


Our next stopping place is 1Corinthians 2 v2. Here we are told that it is NOT “the spirit of the world” we have received; and that “the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God”. The new life is shown to be one lived under the teaching of the Spirit of God.

4. Trace in this chapter some of the special benefits given to those who are indwelt by the Spirit of God.


5. 2 Timothy 1 v7 also tells of some of those things that accompany His presence within us. What are these? Can you find other Scriptures such as Acts 1 v8, Romans 5 v5 and Galatians 5 v23 which confirm the teaching of this verse?


1 Corinthians 12 v3 gives us one of the special evidences of the presence of the Holy Spirit in a man. He will make much of Christ. Compare this with such passages as Colossians 1 v17-19, Philippians 2 v9-11, John 16 v13-15, Ephesians 3 v16-17.

6. Would it be right to say that the primary work of the Holy Spirit is not to take foremost place Himself in our lives and thinking, but to ensure that the Lord Jesus has the first place? Give reasons for your answers.


Ephesians 5 v18 tells us that we are to be “filled with the Spirit”. This could just as well be translated  ‘Made complete by the Spirit’, i.e. equipped for every need, and to meet every demand on us.

Read this verse in its context, and summarise the results of such a “filling”.