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STUDY 16  Jesus Crowned (Hebrews 2 v4).


Bible passages to be read: Philippians 2 v5-11, Isaiah 53 v10-12, 1 Corinthians 15 v19-28, Revelation 5, Revelation 19 v11-21.


If we look round us at the majesty and prodigality of nature as created by God, and the breath-taking immensity of the universe, then if we turn our attention to His amazing love, which has planned and carried through our salvation without our help, we at once become deeply conscious of the smallness of man. And yet God has prepared a destiny for us, which staggers the imagination. The reason? The triumph of His Son as our representative over sin and death. With the eye of faith we may say, “We see Jesus . . . crowned . . .”, and it is this vision that keeps our hearts in peace in any personal extremity and as we view the world chaos around us. Jesus Christ is King!


Philippians 2 v5-11 states plainly that the day is coming when His kingship will be universally manifested and acknowledged.

1. Trace the steps which led Him into the possession of His place of absolute authority and reigning pow


As we have already seen, the Old Testament counterpart of this passage is Isaiah 53 v10-12. It is generally accepted by Christians that this is in a special way the Calvary chapter of the Old Testament, and is central in the story of our salvation.

2. How do you feel that this particular section of this chapter can be applied to the life and experience of the individual Christian?


1 Corinthians 15 v19-28 shows the link between the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and the final outworking of the victory then won.

3. Open up the teaching and trace the development of the argument of this passage in your own words.


Now turn to Revelation 5. We see here the Lamb dealing effectively with the problem of human sin, and can trace His ascent to the throne. He has prevailed on our behalf.

4. Outline the praises offered by the redeemed and the angelic hosts before the throne of their King.


Lastly, Revelation 19 v11-21 describes the fulfilment of the prophecy made by the Saviour Himself before the Jewish Council, see Matthew 26 v63-64.

5. Give a word picture of the King; and comment on the suggestion that His first act when His reign on earth is ushered in will be to cleanse His Kingdom of all that would defile it. Does this harmonise with His own teaching, and the teaching of other parts of the New Testament? If so, state where.


We see “Jesus Crowned” now by faith. The day is coming, perhaps sooner than we dream, when faith will be lost in sight; and the glory of the King will be our joy and heritage through all eternity. Amen. “Even so Come Lord Jesus”, (Revelation 22 v20).